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In this Symphony of grass, steel, wind, and water, stories of childhood games, afternoon picnics, and neighbourhood camaraderie will continue to flourish. Every member of your family has his own space to live and play in Circulo Verde.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Each Tower will have

  • Sky Garden
  • Gym
  • Function Room

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Safety Features

  • More than 1km of retaining wall will be built around the property.
  • Designed to prevent soil erosion.
  • Prevents water from the river getting into the property.
  • The highest point of the top of the Circulo Verde River Protection Wall is 13m above the normal water level of Marikina River and the lowest point of the top of the wall is 8m.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Elevated Community

  • Entire site is 8 – 13m above the normal water level of Marikina River.
  • Residential towers are set on 3 levels of podium parking.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Smart Drainage System

  • An interceptor canal will be constructed to divert flow from Calle Industria downstream to Pasig River and Intercept possible flood overview from the upstream Marikina River.
  • Automated floodgates will be installed to prevent floodwater backflow into the property.
  • Detention tanks are in place to store storm water from the local drainage system.
  • Storm water will flow into appropriate outfalls when levels have receded.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Above Ground Parking

  • To ensure vehicular safety and security, parking spaces are above ground only.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Back- Up Pump System

  • The residential buildings are equipped with pumping systems as a secondary defence measure with one – way pipes to prevent backflow.

Ortigas and Company Circulo Verde Automated Floodgates

  • Automated mechanical will prevent water backflow into the community.

Majorca Residences is home to the finest amenities and facilities by Ortigas and Company. The developer has ensured that residents will enjoy and find pleasure living in this place with their top of the line amenities and facilities, including an excellent gymnasium that boasts its complete equipment. The residences also have its function rooms, where residents will have the chance of hosting their events and connecting with the community to meet new friends and neighbors for a harmonious living relationship.

Ortigas and Company has master planned and designed this property with outstanding social and interactive features to ensure that residents will also have the chance to interact with their neighbors in the vibrant community. There is also a sky garden in the place, one of the best features that let residents feel fresh air and enjoy alone time with nature, while reading books, listening to music or simply killing the time during the weekends or on their days off from work.

The developer has also designed and developed this property with the most essential safety features. It has more than a kilometer of a retaining wall, which can help in preventing soil erosion. It also included in the design to prevent water from getting into the property. The protection wall is of 13 meters above the normal water level in order to prevent the water from getting into the property. The lowest point there is 8 meters.

It also has a drainage system as well as an interceptor canal, which is included in order to redirect water flow coming from the downstream of Calle Industria into the Pasig River. This feature will help in intercepting possible flood upstream coming from the Marikina River. In addition, you don’t need to worry about storm water because it will flow into the outfalls as soon as the safety level has receded. For residents with a vehicle, they don’t need to stress about parking space because there is a ground parking available in the property. The parking space is large enough to accommodate a number of vehicles. They are also ensured of being safe and secured while on the ground parking level with the 24/7 security system in place.

In addition, there is a backup pump system in the property. All the buildings have their pumping systems that function and serve as the property’s second line of defense against flooding. There are also one-way pipes in the property meant for preventing backflow. Speaking of flood prevention, Majorca Residences also has automated floodgates that will keep the water away from the residents in the event of typhoons and storms.

Other excellent features of the residences include volleyball courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, Dog Park, walking and running lanes and paths, picnic areas, biking path and main clubhouse. A few more include a water feature and an acupressure park.

All these and more are waiting for you by choosing it here at Majorca Residences. If you want to live in the center of it all while also enjoying the best amenities and facilities of condominium living, then chat with us for your concerns and questions today!

Active Amenities

  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Running & Walking Lanes
  • Biking Path
  • Dog Park

Passive Amenities

  • Gardens
  • Picnic Areas
  • Water Feature
  • Main Club House
  • Acupressure Park
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